On Champs and Chumps

Champs pick up the telephone, call their dream clients, and book their calls. Chumps send an email, avoid the call, and hope their dream client emails or calls them for an appointment.

Champs ask their clients for the commitments that will help their dream client get the outcomes they need, no matter how big that commitment. Chumps don’t ask for commitments because they fear they will offend their client and lose the opportunity.

Champs don’t fear price negotiations because they know that they have created value, and they know they need to help their clients make the investment necessary to deliver the results. Chumps offer to sharpen their pencil without pushing back on the value they create.

Champs aren’t afraid of losing an opportunity because they keep their funnel topped off, always purusing enough opportunities to be able to walk away from bad business or lose an opportunity. Chumps sit on one deal hoping that by spending all of their time on that deal that they ensure a win.

Champs are hustlers. Chumps are non-hustlers.

Champs see themselves as their client’s peer, their trusted advisor, and they have the business acumen to hold their own. Chumps see themselves as inferior to their client, hoping that their dream client will allow them to be a “vendor.”

Champs work on developing their chops. Chumps look for shortcuts.

Champs work the process, creating value at every stage, never trying to rush the close, confident that they will close the deal. Chumps try to close before they’ve created enough value to have earned the deal, losing the deal and alienating their dream client.

Champs are the client’s advocate within their own company, always working inside their own organization to deliver for them. Chumps blame every challenge in execution on their own company instead of working to make things better.

Champs do the work. Chumps are easily distracted by the trivial and unimportant.

To be a champ, be a non-chump.

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