4 Reasons Your Deal Stalled

Here are four reasons your deals stall and some ideas about how to get them moving again.

  1. You didn’t do the necessary work in the early stages of the process. The value that you create for your dream clients happens early in the sales process and early in their buying journey. When a deal stalls, it might mean that you didn’t create the value you needed to create in earlier sales interactions. Sometimes you have to go backwards before you can go forward. Go back and create the necessary value.
  2. You didn’t gain the commitments you needed. Deals can fall apart late in the game when you haven’t gained all the necessary commitments leading up to that point. If you didn’t gain the commitment to meet with the buying committee, your deal may stall for lack of consensus. If you didn’t get executive sponsorship, your deal could stall because you don’t have the support you need. Reset, and gain the commitments you need.
  3. You haven’t created a compelling case for change. Opportunities stall when you haven’t built a compelling case for change. If you haven’t helped your prospective client understand why they must change, what is at stake if they don’t, and what they will gain by taking action now, you’ve left them vulnerable to making the choice to do nothing. You have to help them understand the implication of making no decision or sticking with the status quo. Make a more compelling case for change.
  4. You haven’t resolved your dream client’s concerns. You may have built value, gained the commitments, and built a compelling case for change. But your prospective clients are going to have second thoughts right before they make a decision. You allow opportunities to stall when you leave your prospective clients alone to struggle with their decision. Be there for your prospective client all the way through their decision-making process, especially at the end when they struggle with their fears.

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