There Are No Deals

You really aren’t looking for “a deal.” A “deal” means you gave dramatically less than was necessary to acquire what you really wanted.

Products: Any product that is selling for less than it once sold for isn’t a bargain. The demand for–or the value of–that product has declined to the point where the new lower price represents the actual value. You may still want the product, but you will be paying what it’s worth now.

Service: You really aren’t looking for bargains when it comes to buying a service. You don’t want a discount dry cleaner if you want to look crisp. You don’t want a discount hair salon or barbershop either. The lower the price, the lower the value created. If there were more value being created, the service would cost more. If you want care, it comes with a price.

Solutions: In the world of B2B sales, some people want a bargain when they buy a solution. They want to discount the product or service so they can get a “deal.” But the money that comes out in the way of discounts also can’t be invested in improving the service or improving the products that make up that solution. It also means there is less money to invest in the people who deliver the solution. Buyers end up with less value than they might otherwise have had would they not have sought a “deal.”

Hiring: The last thing you want when you hire is a deal. You don’t want to pay someone less than they are worth. Trying to pay less than you need to only ensures that you hire someone who isn’t capable of delivering all of the outcomes you need. You might fill the seat for less money than you could have spent, but you won’t realize the benefit of that bargain. You will get the value that you paid for, and if an employee exceeds your expectations, you will quickly pay them more or lose them.

Some people are proud to have paid less. Some people buy things they don’t need only because it was a “deal.” In all things, you get what you pay for.

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