The Case for Presenting Last

It can be tough to be the last to present. Your dream client may believe they have seen and heard it all before you show up. They are likely burnt out from the process of selecting a new partner. And unless you have something new to say, it can be really tough to get traction. That’s the downside. But there is a compelling upside, too.

Going first may help you get to your dream client when they’re still fresh, but they won’t have discovered some of the questions they need answered until they’ve had more conversations. By the time you present, your dream client will have already learned enough to know what they really need. By having had a number of conversations they will have dialed into what’s really important.

The fact that your dream client has decided what they need will come through loud and clear in their questions. When they ask you how you do something–or what you believe–it’s because they have decided that it’s important. It means they have some real concern they need addressed. They’re still looking for the right answer.

If ever there was an opportunity to dispense with the presentation and get real, presenting last provides you that opportunity. You can easily say, “I’m sure you’ve seen enough slides, and I can’t imagine you’re very interested in a map of our locations. How about we talk about what’s most important to you and see if we can share some ideas about how we might help?”

I have yet to have anyone refuse the opportunity to dispense with the slide deck (although I have sometimes found it helpful to have it up to point to a slide or two that does a particularly good job explaining something).

Batting cleanup provides you with the opportunity to do just that: you can clean up your dream client’s outstanding issues and resolve their concerns, positioning yourself as the right solution.


Would you rather present early in your buyer’s process or later, after they’ve seen some of your competitors?

What are the advantages of presenting early?

How do you take advantage of being the last presentation your dream client will see?

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