You Don’t Need Another New Idea

You don’t need to rush out and read every new book with every hot, new idea. Bouncing from one idea to the next, never fully integrating what you’ve already read isn’t going to help you produce better results.

You don’t need to attend another seminar searching for one new insight that’s going to totally change the game for you, if you haven’t already taken action on the all of the ideas in the notepads from the last seminar or conference you attended.

You don’t need coaching or consulting to help unlock your full potential if you haven’t made the changes you discovered you needed to make when you worked with your last coach or consultant.

Books provide an unparalleled return on investment of time and money. Conferences and seminars are an exceptional value for the money. Coaching and consulting can save you years of time and money struggling to get results.

But the obstacle between you and success isn’t the next idea, great or small. The obstacle between you and better results is your willingness to change and your commitment to executing on the ideas you do learn from reading, attending conferences, and from coaching.

Stop seeking and start executing.

With a thank you to coach Rob Hatch, whose dinner conversation inspired this post.


What ideas have you implemented from the last book you read?

What did you take action on after your last conference or seminar?

Have you made the changes you needed to make from the coaching and consulting you invested in?

Why are you willing to act on right now?


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