Your Recommended Daily Allowance

To reach your full potential, you need to meet the following recommended daily allowances:

  • Optimism: To be the most effective, best-ever version of you, you have to start with the right attitude. That attitude is built on optimism. Your recommended daily allowance is the maximum dosage available.
  • Gratitude: Optimism is more potent when it is taken with a huge dose of gratitude. Nothing eliminates negativity and a scarcity mindset like gratitude. The recommended daily allowance is a minimum of ten minutes of quiet reflection or saying thank you to a minimum of two people.
  • Adversity: You can’t be your very best unless you take on challenges that move you out of your comfort zone. Facing adversity is how you grow. Tackle one challenge each day that requires more courage than you believe you can muster.
  • Persistence: That thing you tried and failed at? The recommended daily allowance of persistence is to try again. Every day. Until you succeed.
  • Education: Your responsibility to educate yourself doesn’t end when you leave school. Learning one useful thing each day is the minimum recommended daily dosage. Education is best when taken with Curiosity. Think “chops.”
  • Generosity: Do one thing every week for someone who can never repay you. If you can’t do something for someone you know, write a check to the charity of your choice.
  • Passion: Give yourself over to what really drives you. Even if it isn’t your day job and you have to do it after work. Minimum recommended daily allowance: 1 hour.
  • Humor: The recommended daily allowance is 24 full belly laughs each and every day. Laughing at yourself or using self-deprecating humor counts for 8.
  • Compassion: The required minimum daily allowance is every human interaction, no exceptions.
  • Imagination: There is a difference between dreams and day dreams. Spend at least 15 minutes dreaming your dream.

What’s on your list of recommended daily allowances?

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