Don’t Believe It

Don’t believe in easy answers. The simple things are often the most difficult. Searching for the easy answer wastes your time and does nothing to move you closer to the outcome you need. Other people may believe there are easy answers, but don’t believe it.

Don’t believe in fast. The real results you want are accomplished by the relentless, day to day, hour by hour pursuit. The best results you can ever produce will be gained slowly, and you will be shaped by more by the experience of pursuing them than you will by the results themselves. Other people may believe in shortcuts, but don’t believe  it.

Don’t believe that there is a difference between working and enjoying yourself. That’s an artificial distinction made people who are unwilling to give themselves over to their work. I don’t believe in work-life balance either. There is no balance, there are only trade-offs. Other people may believe cynicism will protect their feelings, but don’t believe it.

Don’t believe in cheap. Don’t believe that value is ever obtained by acquiring something that costs less than something of real value just because it has slower price. If you want real quality, you have to pay for it. Other people may believe transactional is value, but don’t believe it.

Don’t believe your job is you work. Your job is an agreement you have with your employer. Your work is the purpose, vision, meaning, and values you pour into what you do when you help others. Other people may believe that it doesn’t matter, but don’t believe it.

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