A Competitive Paranoia

Assume that your competitor has spent more time with your dream client than you have. Assume that they got there early. Assume that during that time, your competitor has developed deeper relationships with stakeholders at different levels within your dream client’s company. Assume your competitor has helped identify and collaborate with your dream client around their most strategic needs.

Assume that all things being equal relationships win. Especially relationships of value.

Assume that your competitor is really, really good at what they do. Assume that your competitor follows an excellent sales process that creates value for their prospects at every stage. Assume that they have built consensus around their solution. Assume they have executive sponsorship for their proposal. Assume they have the pole position.

By making these assumptions, you inform some very important decisions as to how you are going to compete. Assuming you are behind in the race means you have to behave differently. You’ll work harder in the discovery phase to create value and to collaborate with your dream client contacts. You’ll believe that you need more relationships, and you will act with urgency to create them. You will believe that you are at risk of losing unless you can get to executive leadership and gain their commitment. All of these ideas are embedded in your sales process (or should be), and they will be front of mind and important to you.

Instead of underestimating your competitor and losing, believe and behave as if you are already behind in every opportunity. Then hustle!


If you knew your competitor did incredible discovery work, would you take half measures?

If you knew your competitor had your dream client’s company wired would you act differently when it comes to developing relationships and building consensus?

If you believe that your competitor had executive sponsorship for their solution, would you believe you could win without it?

If you believe their process positioned them to win, would you ignore the process that allows you to win?

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