30 Questions To Inform Your Sales Plan

Do you want to know how you might improve your sales game? Here are thirty questions you can use to inform your sales plan. What you are missing might just be what’s missing.

  1. Do you have dream client targets?
  2. Do you have a plan to engage them?
  3. Is this plan a campaign?
  4. Does your plan try multiple channels?
  5. Does your plan include multiple stakeholders?
  6. Does your plan lead with value?
  7. Does your plan include touches for every potential stage of their buying cycle?
  8. Does your plan include asking for a referral or introduction?
  9. Are you doing enough prospecting work to build a pipeline of real opportunities?
  10. Do you have the ability to create value if your dream client is satisfied?
  11. Does your process make you collaborative?
  12. Does your process align with your dream client’s needs?
  13. Do you have an arsenal of high value discovery questions?
  14. Do you have the ability to help your client make their own discoveries?
  15. Does your process allow you to gain the education you need?
  16. Are you taking the necessary steps to learn your client’s business?
  17. Are the needs of different stakeholders captured in your process?
  18. Are the needs of different stakeholder groups captured in your process?
  19. Do you know everyone who will eventually vote on your solution?
  20. Is the way you sell making you known as a trusted advisor, a value creator?
  21. Is the way you sell proof positive that you care?
  22. Is your team engaged in the sales process, learning what they will need to do to execute for your dream client?
  23. Does your plan include your having a presence and gaining trust over time?
  24. Does your plan include engaging your dream client contact’s vision in your proposed solution?
  25. Do you pre-present your proposal to acquire changes and modifications?
  26. Is your proposal your story, their story, or “our story?”
  27. Do you make the risks and obstacles abundantly clear?
  28. Do you explain how you will mitigate those risks?
  29. Do you confirm that your dream client understands the necessary investment throughout the process?
  30. Have you earned the right to ask for your dream client’s business?

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