On Latent Dissatisfaction and Dissatisfaction

The primary reason insight-based selling is so hot right now is because there is so much latent dissatisfaction. It’s difficult to create opportunities without a reason to change.

Your prospective clients have plenty to be dissatisfied about, but they may not yet be aware of how much better their results could–or should–be. When they’re stuck, it makes sense to create that awareness. It is an effective choice for creating an opportunity, and it can set you apart. Especially when you have something compelling to offer in the way of improvement.

But this does not mean that you always need to provide insights. Some of your prospects are already dissatisfied. They know what they need to improve, they know how they need to improve it, and they know what they need from a partner. You can create an opportunity by collaborating with these prospects and by helping them with a solution. There isn’t any reason to pretend that they have latent dissatisfaction so you can teach them something, unless it directly helps them get what they already want or establishes new priorities.

But there is more to be gained from helping prospects who are dissatisfied and know it. You can gain powerful insights and knowledge from them—if you are open to learning instead of teaching. You can share what you’ve learned from these clients with other prospects, some of whom will benefit greatly from what you learned.

You take your prospective clients where find them. If they aren’t dissatisfied, you help them see new possibilities. If they are already dissatisfied, you collaborate with them and help the find a path forward. All the while learning as much as you can so you gain the business acumen and situational knowledge to help others more effectively in the future.


What are the problems your prospective clients have but have not yet recognized?

How do you help them recognize the better performance that is available to them?

What have you learned from prospects who were dissatisfied and knew exactly what they needed?

What have you learned from serving some clients that would benefit your prospects?

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