The Real Qualifier

Your dream client might spend in a fortune in your segment.

They may have the exact set of problems, challenges, and opportunities around which you create a level of value that is literrally unmatched.

Your dream client might be leaving a massive amount of money on the table. You may have all the math to prove an unassailable, bullet proof, and guaranteed return on investment the likes of which the world has never known.

They may be risking their position in their market. They may be ready to lose their key customers to their rivals.

But unless and until they decided to engage in the process of changing what they do, you do not have a qualified opportunity.

They might have the budget necessary. You may have a relationship with the person with the authority to bind their organization to a deal. They may have a recognized need.

What is missing is engagement in the process of changing. Without this engagement, you aren’t looking at an opportunity; you are looking at a lead.

This is why your executive vice president of sales loves the Challenger Model and insight-based selling. This is why you have a top of the funnel problem: your dream clients have a chronic case of latent dissatisfaction.


Why do opportunities stall?

What makes an opportunity qualified?

What causes potential opportunities to go to a “no decision?”

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