On Mindset, Hustle, and Self-Discipline with Hector LaMarque- Episode 30


Today’s guest, Hector LaMarque, learned early on that he could either agree with the opposition in life, or decide to fight against it. He found power in having the choice. Back in highschool, Hector was laughed at when he tried out for varsity basketball. This fueled a determination and a crazy dedication to practicing. Hector not only made the team, but went on to be the team captain. It was the same story when he discovered tennis in college. Hector got beat by girl and decided that would not happen again. After studying, practicing, and playing tennis, Hector worked his way to MVP status of his team. This foundational lesson taught Hector that when you make up your mind about something, and work at it like crazy, you can do anything. Hector took the power of mindset into the  business world and never looked back. Join the conversation today as Hector lets us in on the secrets to a successful mindset, In The Arena.

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Learning to hustle

Hector LaMarque is now a top senior national sales director, specializing in developing successful money making leaders. But, Hector had to learn the hustle himself. Hector grew up seeing how poverty limited his father. Hector decided he did not want to be poor and found education to be his way out. Hector started studying, reading, and working towards success. He remembers working a job where his boss did not allow time off for Hector’s son’s fifth birthday. When that happened, Hector made a decision to never work for somebody again. No human being was going to tell him he could not be there for his family. That moment spurred Hector to get serious about the hustle. He started at the bottom and worked his way to the top. Find out on today’s episode why Hector was so successful.

Self-disciplined or debilitated?

Hector LaMarque’s specialty is developing people. He has helped more than eight people go on to make over a million dollars a year. Hector has helped develop many more than eight people, but what set those millionaires apart was their dedication to the work. Hector’s success rate in developing people is high, when people actually listen and implement his strategies. Dedication, persistence, and self-discipline are some key attributes of the people who make it. It is not based on capability, it is based on self-discipline. Are you willing to discipline yourself for the work required? Or will you be debilitated by factors such as caring too much about what others think of you? Tune in for today’s secrets for success.

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Mastering the fundamentals

Hector LaMarque’s system for your success is based on fundamentals you have to learn to be great at. Are you are great prospector? Do you go on to set those appointments? Hector helps you hone in your skills as a presenter and acquiring the knowledge your customers are counting on you for. Do you know the areas of concern from your client’s perspective. Can you sell your products features and benefits? If you master the fundamentals, Hector says you are on your way to success. But, very few people take the time to actually master these foundational steps. It comes back to self-discipline. Hector’s writings and speeches never stray from mastering the fundamentals before expecting any semblance of success in your arena.

Instead of life happening to you, go out and happen to life

Why are you still not generating your desired results? Is your awareness too low? Hector LaMarque wants to increase your level of awareness so you spend your time acting instead of thinking. A professional operates from a place of knowing. They are prepared and put in the work ahead of time in order to create action when it’s go-time. Get serious about succeeding, today. It is time to grow and improve your knowledge base. The other problem you might have is negativity. Are you infected with negativity? Is life just happening to you? Learn how to remove your victim mentality and go happen to life. Listen in to Hector’s story of the real struggle towards success. Allow your struggles to create the mindset required for success.

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Outline of this great episode

  • Introduction of today’s guest, Hector LaMarque.
  • How Hector discovered the power of mindset.
  • Hector’s humble beginnings and start in life.
  • How Hector transitioned into Primerica.
  • The business of developing people.
  • The fundamentals in Hector’s business.
  • How Hector communicates mentality through talks and blogs.
  • Time to take a negativity fast?
  • Decide, ahead of time, how you will react in adverse situations and struggles.
  • How to connect with and find out more about Hector.

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