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Start Living the Dream

I took two of my three children to lunch today. As we were greeted at the desk, I asked the young man, “How are you today?” He replied, “Living the dream.” But it was clear from the look on his face and his tone of voice that he was anything but

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Sometimes and Always


“Sometimes” isn’t a good strategy.

“Sometimes” doesn’t produce anything consistently except inconsistency.

“Sometimes” can’t be trusted or counted on.

“Sometimes” is sporadic.

“Sometimes” occasionally gets lucky, but its success…

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On The Power of Being Nice

I’m not suggesting that you can’t be demanding. I’m not even remotely suggesting that you shouldn’t have knock down, drag out productive disagreements. And, I’m not intimating that you should be a softie, a cupcake, a cream puff, or that…

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Your Goals Are Your Own

Your strengths are different from your competitors. So are your weaknesses. Even though you sell exactly the same thing, many of your processes are different. You have different capabilities and different limitations. You produce different…

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