How to Help Your Blustering Boss

When someone in leadership role resorts to yelling, screaming, cursing, stomping their feet, and banging things around in order to get something done, it is an indication that they lack influence, lack real authority, and lack resourcefulness.

When someone loses their ability to persuade, they resort to force. They (incorrectly) believe that raising their voice and using harsh language will frighten the target at whom they’ve directed their ire into taking action. When they don’t get what they want by raising their voice, they move to stomping their feet and slamming things to produce a more physical threatening behavior.

This behavior comes at a very high price.

These tactics produce resistance in the person on the receiving end because it violates the relationship. There is no amount of deposits you can make in a relationship that allow you to make massive withdraws of trust and caring. When trust and caring are gone, so is influence.

These tactics also reduce the blustering boss’s moral authority (it’s most powerful form). All the loud histrionics are proof positive that the person is frustrated, that they have trouble managing their own state (let alone the states of the people working for them), and that they have a serious lack of resourcefulness.

I am not going to be the one to tell you to quit your job and leave your frustrated boss (although I have done it a couple of times in my life, to good end, too). I have no idea what your position is. But here’s an idea as to how you can help.

As soon as your boss finishes their angry tirade about some result you were supposed to be producing, ask this question: “Can I share an idea with you?” If your angry boss blows up, just wait until he or she finishes their tirade and say this again, “I have an idea that might help I’d really like to share it with you.”

Then share your ideas with your frustrated, unresourceful boss. Tell him what you need to get the job done, and tell him you’re on it. He may blow up again because he doesn’t like your idea or the necessary investment, but give it your best anyway.

P.S. If you are this angry, blustering boss, just stop it.

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