Build Your Own Burning Platform

It isn’t easy to change. Our brain tends to shut down the desire to improve ourselves and our situation as soon as we are comfortable. As long as we don’t experience too much pain, we don’t change. Even if we know we are capable of more, if we could gain pleasure, we still don’t take action.

Here’s your motivation (not that you need to be motivated or inspired).

Building Your Own

Most of the reason we don’t take the actions we need to to take is because we are afraid.

We fear that we will fail and lose the comfort of our identity. We fear being mocked, criticized, or ostracized and lose our connection to the herd. As much as we love novelty, most of us love the warm comfort of the status quo even more. We’re afraid to lose it. But there are outcomes you should fear more than this little list of horribles.

  • You should fear not living up to your full potential. You should fear leaving this place before you realize your dreams. Or before you even attempt them.
  • You should fear failing the people who count on you. You should fear not investing as much as you can in those relationships that are most precious to you.
  • You should fear not making the contribution you know that you can—and should—make. You should fear walking away the fight that had your name all over it. You should fear lying down.
  • You should fear living a lie, living a life of mediocrity, or living someone else’s purpose instead of your own.

This is the list of horribles you should fear. This is your burning platform.

Light the Match

Each day when your alarm goes off, the fears above are what should motivate you. They represent real and unrelenting danger.

Don’t wait for or wish for motivation. You already have everything you need within you right now. And what you don’t have you are resourcefulness to go and discover.

You’re holding the match. Go ahead and catch yourself on fire.

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