Which Straw Broke the Camel’s Back?

Which straw was it that broke the camel’s back?

Was it your connecting with your client on the social sites where they live? Was it your engagement around big ideas that eliminated your dream client’s opposition to meeting with you? Was it the tweet that sent them to your site? Your LinkedIn update?

Was it your indefatigable effort to create value before claiming any by sending your dream client personal notes, white papers with highlighted ideas they could use (whether they ever bought from you), or the value creating ideas you shared that made you someone worth meeting?

Was it the thank you cards you sent after every conversation you had with your dream clients (the conversations in which they rejected your request for time) that eliminated their resistance to finally meet with you?

Was it the phone calls you made asking for a meeting? Was it the introduction from the shared contact who vouched for you?

Was it your persistence over time? Or was it the fact that you happened to be calling when the status quo fell apart at the seams?

You don’t which straw it was . . . or which straw it will be next time. Act accordingly.

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