Inside Your Four Walls

That’s where insights live.

The ideas that you need to help you produce better results for your clients live inside your four walls.

Your Four Walls

Your people work closely with your clients. They have a front row view of all of their problems, challenges, and opportunities. They can see what needs to change, and they have some ideas about how those changes might be made.

Your people are prisoners of the status quo, too. They have rules and regulations that prevent them from doing the work they might do. They hear “we’ve always done it this way because it works,” even when it no longer works (for you or your clients).

Your people can and will share their ideas and insights with you as soon as you sit down and ask them to.

Their Four Walls

Your clients can teach you about their business. They have ideas and insights, too. They know where they struggle, and they know what would need to change in order to produce a better result. It’s true that the status quo has deep roots in their organization. The status quo has deep roots everywhere. But in every organization, there are some people wired to believe that there is still more than be done, that a better result can still be had.

Some people within your client’s company are ready to share their ideas and insights with you, insights that you can use to build a better solution for other clients, too. But you have to be willing to listen and learn, to be student as much as teacher.

The ideas and insights you need to produce are all around you. They’re inside your four walls, and their inside your customer’s four walls, too. If you go and ask for these ideas and insights, the people who have them will gladly share them with you. If your really serious about doing something with them, these same people will help you to do so.

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