Virtuous and Vicious Cycles

Sometimes you end up in a loop. That loop can lead upward, producing better and better results. That loop can also descend deep into what can feel like Hell.

Some cycles are virtuous and some are simply vicious.

The Vicious Cycle

Lower margins make it difficult to deliver the results your clients need. You have less profit to work with in producing those results. And into the loop you descend.

Poor results produce unhappy clients. Well, they produce unhappy clients for a little while, until they produce at-risk clients and, finally, lost clients.

There are many ways to enter a death loop. You can stop creating value. You can become complacent. You can ignore complaints and problems.

Climbing out of this hole is difficult, but the first step is simple: stop digging.

The Virtuous Cycle

Higher margins produce better results. It’s easy to do good work when you have the money to make the necessary investments. And you’re on your way up!

Better results produce happier clients. Happier clients will testify on your behalf and refer other clients. But more important still, they’ll allow you to bring them idea after idea, always pushing for better and better results. Up, up, up.

It’s more difficult to climb than it is to descend. You need to be resourceful in producing difficult to obtain results. You need to be proactive in identifying new opportunities. Climbing requires that you take initiative. You can’t rest on your laurels and climb at the same time.

If you’re climbing, keep moving upward at whatever pace you can. If you are trapped in the vicious downward cycle, stop that descent by taking the actions that allow you to regain your footing and climb. Once you make the change, the momentum will follow. Just keep climbing.

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