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I really hope you didn’t miss yesterday’s newsletter. Yesterday’s newsletter was about how you can justify your higher price. I listed some of the primary points of leverage you can use to make your case effectively with your dream clients and buyers.

It was only a few minutes after I hit the send button that my inbox was flooded with emails. This newsletter hit a nerve. It resonated with people who face this challenge all of the time. What’s interesting is how the responses fell into two categories.

Thanks for the Ideas

The first category was made up of emails from people who appreciated the content of the newsletter. They told me they enjoyed it and thanked me for writing it. It’s always nice to get these kinds of emails.


But the second category was email from people who responded to the newsletter by telling me exactly how they were going to put the ideas to use. About a half a dozen emails described to me the way that the salesperson or sales leader was going to use the content on live deals this week.

One email sticks out as being particularly interesting. The author of that email wrote to tell me that she intends to use the content the next hour after having read it (which means she is putting it to use as I write this).

Action, Action, Always Action

Knowledge isn’t power; it’s potential power. Knowing something and not taking action is the same as not knowing. Knowledge not applied is useless.

It’s good to acquire knowledge, but it’s better to acquire knowledge and immediately put it into action. And I mean immediately. If you’ve read something and you find it useful, take 10 minutes and put it into action. Or, if for some reason you can put into action immediately, put the commitment to take that action on your calendar (and the sooner, the better).

The difference between your present sales results and the results you seek can’t be found in more knowledge alone. Literally, knowing doesn’t close the gap. The results you want are found in the new actions you take. Maybe you need new knowledge. But it’s more you know enough and need to take more action.


Is lack of knowledge what you need? (nothing wrong if it is, study up) Or is it a lack of action?

When you discover a new idea, how do you put it immediately into action?

What are you going to take action on now that you’ve had this gentle nudge?

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