Filling In the Gaps In Your Performance

Is there a difference between your current performance and the performance you want? Can you recognize a gap? Producing better results means filling those gaps.

If I had to guess, I’d guess that the gap between your present sales results and the results you want mostly needs to be filled up with more prospecting. Even though no one likes to talk about activity, too little prospecting creates major performance gaps.

The gap that is the long sales cycle and stalled deals is filled by your willingness to disqualify non-opportunities, to follow an effective sales process, and to ask for the commitments you need. Slow and stalled deals are gaps that are opened by process problems.

The gap between winning your dream client and not winning their business needs to be filled in with a consistent effort to create value, a consistent effort to define yourself as a value creator, a steady stream of ideas, and a relentless, persistent pursuit. That gap is created by neglect, giving up to soon, and your disappearance.

The gap between your present ability to create value for your clients and the value they need you to create needs to be filled with a professional curiosity, an aggressive personal and professional development plan, and time spent with coaches and mentors. Business acumen s the new sales acumen, and this gap is opening up for any salesperson who isn’t working to keep up.

What gaps are you closing?


What are the gaps in your performance?

What do you need to do to fill in those gaps?

What set of activities fill those gaps?

If you’re a sales manager, how do you help the individuals on your team fill the gaps in their performance?

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