The Secret Reason the Successful Share Their Secrets

There are reasons the most successful people in the world are so transparent about what they believe and what they do.

The most successful people in the world don’t have a scarcity mindset. They’re not afraid of sharing what they do because they don’t believe that someone else knowing what they know is in any way going to harm them. In fact, it often makes the pie even larger.

Successful people also know that what makes them successful isn’t any kind of secret (despite the fact that much of what you read will suggest there are secrets, and despite the fact that a simple reading of anything described as a secret will quickly reveal some very well known fundamental belief or action). There isn’t any reason not to share what they believe and what they do because it’s already well-known and easily understood.

But the biggest reason successful people aren’t afraid to share what they believe has allowed them to succeed is because there isn’t the remotest of possibilities that most of the people with whom they share it will be willing to do anything with what they learn. Most people won’t adopt their beliefs, preferring instead to retain their own scarcity mindset. Nor will they take the necessary actions, preferring to stay within the comfortable bounds that they’ve established for themselves.

Most of the people who hear what the successful believes led to their success won’t believe it’s unique or interesting enough to be the root cause of their success.

The secret reason the most successful people share their secrets to success is because nothing that leads to success is any great secret.

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