The Bad Salesman

Bad Salesman: We have an A-rating on Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau. We are members of the National Association of Remodeling Industry. The law requires that we have $1,000,000 in liability insurance; we have $6,000,000 in liability insurance. Are we the kind of company you want to business with?

Me: I don’t know. I just met you.

This is one of the problem with tactics like tie-downs. Bad Salesman, and his cologne, had only been in my home for a few minutes and he was already trying to close me tactically. He revealed that his visit was about him and not me. Worse still, my wife had looked up Bad Salesman’s company on Angie’s List to discover they have a C-rating (2 A ratings, 2 F-ratings). Ouch! Never good to lie!

Bad Salesman: If money wasn’t an issue, would you buy this right now? I can give you 6 months same as cash, and I can waive the interest payments.

Me: Money isn’t an issue. I’ll pay cash when I buy. But I am not ready to buy. I am taking bids from a number of companies. I met with you because you called and asked me to quote.

I showed Bad Salesman two other projects that were important to me. He wasn’t interested enough to discuss them, even though his company did those kind of projects, too. The rest of the conversation did go any better. So Bad Salesman picked up his computer, put it in his bag, and hustled out of the house disappointed (his cologne stayed for a couple additional hours, much to my disappointment).

Bad Salesman’s problems really started when his company called to ask to quote on a project and told my wife that certain rebates were available, but only if both she and I were here to meet with the salesperson together. I understand the desire not to have to deal with the additional time and sales calls that result when only the husband or wife is home, but I don’t understand the dishonesty. They could have just said, “We’d really like to schedule an appointment when both you and your spouse are home so we can hear from both of you together.”

There is no substitute for trust. There is no substitute for caring. Old school tactical shortcuts violate trust and prove you don’t care. Don’t be like Bad Salesman.

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