How to Get a Job In Sales

Do you look for a job in sales the same way that you sell?

Do you make one attempt by sending your resume and never follow up?

Do you assume that because the advertisement for the position has an email address that you are limited to communicating by email? Is there some reason that you believe that email is the most effective medium you have for a communication as important as pursuing the job you want in sales?

Do you prepare for your interview like it’s a sales call? It is a sales call, you know. To you prepare a list of questions about the position that indicate that you have experience and a deep situational knowledge? Do you have an ability to tie what you know to your ability to generate immediate results for your would-be employer?

More here on preparation. Do you know what kind of clients the hiring company is trying to acquire? Do you have ideas about how you might help them acquire those clients? Do you have ideas about why their potential customers would find you to be a value creator as the salesperson handling their account?

After you interview do you go away? Do you make one follow up call and disappear? Do you ask for the sale? I mean do you ask for the job?

How you go about pursuing a sales job is an excellent indication to a potential employer as to how you might behave after they hire you as a sales rep. The more you demonstrate the sales behaviors that allow salespeople to be successful, the more your potential employer can see you in that role. The opposite is also true. The fewer of those behaviors you demonstrate the less likely it is that that employer can see you making sales.

You are selling yourself, right?

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