When You Should Be Proud to Sell (Or How to Be Proud)

The easy answer is that you should all of the time be proud of your profession. But, if you haven’t fully embraced you life in sales, well, that’s another story altogether.

If what you sell creates value for your clients and customers, you should be proud to sell. And your belief in what you sell will go a long way towards making you successful, too.

If how you sell creates value for your clients, then you should be especially proud to sell. The way that you sell can easily create more value than what you sell. When this is true, your clients are damn happy to buy from you. You are consultative, a trusted advisor.

If you help your clients obtain some outcomes that they couldn’t easily obtain without you, you must be proud to sell. Business is more challenging than ever, and your clients need your help. When you care enough to be accountable for results, you are a true professional.

You should be proud to sell when you retain your clients. It’s proof positive that you are a value creator and an integral part of their team. It means you are proactive, that you haven’t become complacent. Your client portfolio speaks voulmes about who you are as a sales professional.

When your clients want to share you with the people that they know, you are selling in a way that should make you proud of your life in sales. There isn’t a greater compliment or greater proof that you should be proud.

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