Why Do You Expect a Call Back?

Is it because you believe that the fact that you made a cold call to a prospect you are entitled to a call back?

Do you expect a call back because you’re too lazy to call back yourself?

Is it because you return every telemarketing call you receive at home or at work?

Do you expect a call back because you believe your dream client has nothing better to do than return calls from salespeople?

Do you expect a call back because you’ve been so proactive in nurturing the relationship that your dream client recognizes you as someone who can help them with their biggest challenges or opportunities?

Is it because your message demonstrated that you have concrete, actionable ideas that will help propel your dream client’s business forward?

Should you expect a call back because your message was so different than your competitor’s that it pulls you out of the box in some meaningful way?

There isn’t any reason to expect your prospective clients to call you back when you leave a voicemail message while cold calling. It’s nice when they do. But it’s too rare occurrence for you to expect it.

It’s Not About a Call Back

A call back isn’t ever the main reason to leave a message. Each message you leave is an opportunity to make a deposit in the relationship (or a withdraw).

I’ve never understood why salespeople hang up without leaving a message. The benefit of leaving messages is that you are demonstrating your interest in working with your dream client. It proves that you’re serious and determined enough to keep trying. Hanging up is like knocking on someone’s door and running. How does it benefit you that the first time they answer is the very first time they hear your name?

Leave a professional, value-creating voice mail message. Don’t expect a call back. Follow your call with an email. And another phone call.

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