How to Beat Your Worst Enemies

Your worst enemies are right now conspiring against you. It’s true. They’re out to get you. Worse still, there are more of them than there are of you. You’re outnumbered and outgunned.

You can defeat you worst enemies. But it won’t be easy.


The leader of the all of the enemies you face is fear. He’s a terrible foe, too. He can steal your breath and paralyze you where you stand. He can frighten you with the unknown and with uncertainty. He can plant disempowering thoughts and beliefs so deeply in your mind that they grow roots and hold for a lifetime.

But fear isn’t real. It’s only a small (but sometimes powerful) part of your imagination.

You beat fear by taking action in spite of being afraid. Once you’ve taken the action you fear, you’ve beaten it.


Fear doesn’t come alone. He almost always brings his partner, Procrastination. Procrastination builds on fear. Since you afraid of being judged, afraid of being hurt, afraid of failing, procrastination lulls you into the false comfort of inaction. She whispers in your ear that there will be time later, even though she knows damn well that the time lost can never be regained.

Procrastination is a sweet sounding but merciless adversary.

You beat procrastination by pursuing meaningful, dream-fulfilling goals. The passion that burns inside you can engulf procrastination in an instant.


If Procrastination doesn’t get you, her brother Apathy will try to soften you up. Apathy goes to work sapping you of your energy and your enthusiasm. You can’t be passionate if you’re tired, cynical, or pessimistic. While you’re busy trying not to drink the Kool-Aid, Apathy runs away with your goals.

Apathy robs you of your energy and steals your goals and dreams.

You beat Apathy by keeping your energy high. A positive attitude protects you from Apathy’s worst.


While you’re busy looking at Distraction’s fancy moves, he blind sides you with a knockout punch. Distraction is a pleasure to watch work. You can’t take your eyes off of him. As soon as you think you’ve got him figured out, he brings out something new to drag away your attention. And when you realize you’re bored, he brings new novelties and trivialities.

Distraction is a joy to watch, but while you’re watching him, he steals your focus and your attention.

You beat Distraction by giving yourself over to your real work and ignoring the pleasant and interesting things he waves in front of you.

Your most dangerous enemies are fear, procrastination, apathy, and distraction. Unless you fight them and win, they will rob you of everything you hold dear.


What are your most dangerous enemies?

How do you take action in the face of fear?

What is procrastination promising you that you can do later with no consequences?

How do you protect your energy and enthusiasm from apathy?

Is distraction taking you from something that would produce real results in your life?

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