Make Big Choices

It’s a small choice to spend time in your email. It’s an even smaller choice to leave your email open all day, every day.

It’s a small choice to open the web browser. It’s a small choice to live in Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, or LinkedIn. It’s a small choice to watch that funny YouTube video. Again.

It’s a small choice to reorganize your desk. For the third time this week. It’s a small choice to work on that unsolicited RFP that’s not due for another month.

It’s a small choice to prefer trivialities, novelties, and distractions over your real work.

Avoiding your real work isn’t working. Small choices don’t produce big outcomes. Most of the time, they don’t produce any outcome at all.

Big Choices

You have to make big choices to produce big results.

What is the biggest and most important outcome you need to obtain to reach your real goals? What kind of big result do you need to produce to reach that goal? Can you reach it making small choices?

What task are you resisting because what you are going after is so big and so important that you’re afraid to even start? At what point are you going to face your fear, stare down the beast, and take action?

What is the one thing you need to do today that, if completed, would have the greatest impact on your results? Who do you have to be to make that big choice?

It’s easy to make small choices. It’s much more difficult to make big choices. But the bigger the choice you make, the better results you produce. And the happier you will be now and in the future.

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