On Haves and Have-Nots

Some salespeople have more clients. They have more prospects, too. They make more money, and they get more than their fair share of the rewards. These are the “haves.”

Some salespeople are woefully devoid of clients. A few possess not a single client of their own. They don’t have many prospects either. They don’t make nearly as much money, and they have none of the rewards. These are the “have-nots.”

But clients, prospects, greater earnings, and all the other rewards are really outcomes. They’re really evidence of value having been created.

The “haves” have made their prospecting calls. They have done the work to position themselves to win their clients. They have nurtured their dream clients. They have built consensus within these accounts. They have built the right solution with the people that care about what they sell. And they have created enough value to win these accounts.

The “have-nots,” on the other hand, have not made the calls. They have not spent time nurturing their prospective clients by sharing with them valuable ideas. They have not developed the deep relationships that they needed in front of a sale. They have not worked to build the right solution with their prospective client. And they surely have not created enough value for their dream clients to win their business.

When you look at the “haves” and the “have-nots,” don’t look at the differences in what each group has or doesn’t have. Instead, look at what one group “has” done that the other group “has not” done. It’s there that you’ll find the real differences.

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