Were Your Winners Really Winners?

You won accounts this year that you expected to help you put up big numbers. You have the ability to generate massive value for them, and you expected that to turn into big revenue and profit numbers for you. Well, did it?

Were your winners really winners? Did they produce the revenue that you forecasted? How close do their numbers match the number you entered into your sales force automation when you first opened the opportunity?

If your new client’s numbers aren’t what you thought they would be, why aren’t they? Are you not creating the value you need to create? Do you not deserve all of their business?

If not, what are you going to do to win your existing client’s wallet share? How are you going to get your won opportunity all the way over the line?

Singles and Doubles

What about the small, transactional, give-me accounts that you won? Are any of them over-performing? Are any of what you thought to be small wins really bigger wins than you imagined when you opened the opportunity?

Not that you know that your single or double is really a home run, what do you need to change?


Did you win some accounts that you expected to be your dream clients only to discover that they’re really nightmares? How much of your time and energy is being drained trying to please a client that doesn’t value what you do, that saps the energy from your organization, that treats you like a commodity, and that will only say bad things about you when asked?

Are you going to carry those clients into next year with you? Or are you going to devote your limited time to your real clients and dream clients, the ones that value what you do and allow you to capture some of the value that you create?

As you make your plan for next year, take the time to evaluate your portfolio of wins from this year. You’ll learn something.

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