If You Didn’t Return to Work Tomorrow (For Sales Managers)

If you didn’t return to work tomorrow:

  • Would your sales team be more likely to make their number without you?
  • Which deals in your team’s pipeline would die without your coaching and guidance because of your deep knowledge and experience?
    • Which of your sales team’s clients wouldn’t know your name when told you were gone?
    • Which of your salespeople would believe that they lost their coach and mentor instead of their manager?
    • Which of your salespeople would be thrilled to know that you aren’t returning and welcome a new sales manager?
    • Would you have left someone that has been coached, trained, and developed to step into your role?
    • Would your replacement believe she would be better served hiring a new team to make her number, or would she be thrilled to inherit the team you’ve built?
    • Would your team be shocked at a new sales manager’s adherence to a meeting rhythm and a sales process?
    • Who would fear you walking across the street to manage a new competitive sales team?

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