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Fast Is Slow, Slow is Fast

Fast is slow. Slow is fast.

You can’t cram success. Fast results are the product of having done the slow work that eventually produces results. You can’t cheat and get the fast results. You have to do the slow work.

Slow is really fast. The more…

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The Freedom to Fail

In an acting class I am taking, we were given an exercise to ruin the scene we were assigned. The object was to get out of your head and to stop playing the character or the scene the way you think it goes, but to do something completely…

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Stop Stealing Your Future Results

The big magic in self-discipline is that it gives you the ability to delay gratification. We are pleasure-seeking, pain avoiding creatures, and we are easily distracted by novelties, trivialities, and comfort. But giving in to pleasure now means…

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How To Make It Easy to Say Yes

Sometimes the reason your dream client says no is because you haven’t done what’s necessary for them to say yes. Your job in sales is to make it easy for your dream clients to say yes.

Making It Easy to Gain Appointments

You make it easy for…

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