You Versus the Status Quo

You bring disruption. The Status Quo brings stability.

You bring the possibility of improvement. The Status Quo brings the safety and security of the present results.

You offer ideas that will help to move the business forward. The Status Quo offers the security of business as usual.

You require that investments be made, that money be spent. The Status Quo eliminates the need for investments.

You require that choices be made, that priorities be determined and pursued. That Status Quo removes the need for choices to be made or priorities to be set.

You have the support of a few stakeholders. The Status Quo has deep organizational support.

You require that commitments be made, that action is taken, that new outcomes are pursued. The Status Quo protects from commitments, from new actions, and ensures the existing outcomes remain.

You bring the need for cross-functional communication and cooperation. The Status Quo ensures that the silos remain in tact.

You bring the possibility that power shifts within the organization. The Status Quo ensures that power remains where it presently resides.

None of your competitors are more entrenched in your dream client’s company or more powerful than the Status Quo. There isn’t any competitor with the support of more stakeholders. There isn’t a single competitor that is more of a threat to your opportunity. Work and sell like this is true.


What is the most dangerous threat to your opportunity?

Why does the status quo feel safer than your new initiative?

What actions do you need to take to flip the balance of power away from the status quo?

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