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Twelve Keys to Success

  1. I am disciplined in my thoughts and my actions, keeping the commitments I make to myself and to others.
  2. I am optimistic, choosing to hold firm to the belief that I have the power to achieve a positive outcome, regardless of how difficult…
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Care More Than They Do

This past weekend I stayed at a nice, expensive hotel in Washington, DC. I called to have the valet bring up my car so I could drive to a conference, and when I arrived at the front door of the hotel, a long line of people waiting for cars and…

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Here There Be Dragons!

Most sales processes and sales methodologies could be improved by adding big, bold text around the edges saying, “Here there be dragons!” Maybe even add a little graphic of a dragon bleeding through the paper.

In times long past, mapmakers would…

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On Spending and Cutting Spending

You cannot cut your way to greatness. You also can’t cut your way to growth. Cutting spending is a survival strategy, not a business model. Businesses fail when they run out of money, and they also fail when they don’t make the investments…

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