What Success Is Not

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Success isn’t easy. This is why a lot of people don’t achieve the level of success they desire.

Success isn’t fast. This is why many people quit too early.

Success isn’t certain. This is why many never begin.

Success is not someone else’s definition of success. This is why some don’t realize they have it or pursue the wrong path.

Success is not a straight line. This is why some give up.

Success is not for the lazy and unmotivated. This is why they will never get close.

Success is not for the uncourageous. It takes an act of courage.

Success is not for those who are afraid to get their hands dirty. It’s not for prima-donnas.

Success is not for those who avoid conflict. It only comes with adversity.

Success is not for those that aren’t willing to do the work. It’s the only path and its own reward.

Success is not for those that wait for permission. It’s for those who to take action.

Success is not for those that believe their critics or their raving fans. It’s not about your press clippings.

Here is what success is.


How do you define success?

What is success?

What makes success so elusive for so many?

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