Becoming the Best Ever Version of Yourself

Inspiration is for amateurs—Chuck Close (artist)

Some of you might recognize this post as being something other than usual fare here at The Sales Blog. It’s not pure sales, pure sales management, or pure leadership.

Most of what I write here looks like sales and sales management, but the most perceptive of readers easily recognizes much of what I write here as the rules for success, regardless of your chosen endeavor or profession. It’s about becoming “the best ever version of you.”

My Confession About Permission

For a long time, I didn’t share any of what you find here at The Sales Blog. I bought this domain name and set it up years before I actually started writing in earnest. I had something to say, I had value to create, but there was an invisible force holding me back.

Then I joined Toastmasters. Toastmasters did more than help me develop my public speaking skills; it helped me to free my voice. I didn’t need help finding my voice as much as I needed help freeing it. Toastmasters and this blog are two of the primary vehicles that allowed me to give myself permission . . . and giving myself permission has literally changed my life.

I don’t have any regrets but one: I should have started much, much sooner.

An Invitation to a Webjam

On September 27th, 2012 at 8:00 PM ET, join Chris Brogan and me for a webjam we are calling Finding the Superpower of Flight: How to Give Yourself Permission, Build Your Brand, and Live Your Dream.

First things first, what’s a webjam? A webjam is like a webinar, if a webinar was educational, entertaining, and transformational (instead of boring). Now that that’s out of the way, what are we delivering?

We are going to share a blueprint to help you give yourself the permission that you’ve been waiting for. We are going to give you actionable steps that you can take to find your own superpower, build your personal brand, and start taking the actions that you have been avoiding (up until this webinar, that is).

Both Chris and I believe that you have a gift to share, and that you need a gentle nudge (of a firm kick in the ass) to get you out of the starting gate. We intend to give you that gentle nudge (or that firm kick).

“But what if I work for someone? Am I only going to benefit from this if I am going quit my job and go solo?” The answer is a resounding “No!” Whether you decide that sharing your gift means blazing your own trail or being more effective making the contribution you want to make where you are now, this roadmap will help get you there.

You are going to attend the webjam live (or listen to it later, since it is being recorded). You are going to get a separate audio recording (not the track from the webjam), so you can take these ideas with you when you are out doing your thing. You’ll also get a transcript of the webjam, in case you are a reader (like me). And you’ll get a workbook so you can work through some of the ideas on your own as you make your plans and start taking action.

I hope I’ve hooked you and that you recognize yourself in some of what you’ve read here. But if you want to see or hear more, you can watch Chris and me try to pitch this in under five minutes (we came in at over ten minutes).

Or you can watch us try to pitch this in a single minute (we came remarkably close, but it won’t make any sense without the longer video).

If you want to begin taking the actions you’ve been putting off, if you are ready to start producing the results you need to produce, and if you want to start sharing your gift with the world, please join us—money back guaranteed.

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