Your Pivot Point and Your Breakthrough

You can travel along in a straight line your whole life. You never have the breakout results you want. You never have really horrible results either. Your results in business and life are right smack in the middle of the bell curve, a lot of people produce better results, and a lot of people produce something less.

If you want breakout results, you have to find your pivot point, that point where you change and your results go straight up from there.

Have You Finally Had Enough?

The fastest way to get to your pivot point is to hit rock bottom. When you finally can’t take it anymore, when the failure to produce some result suddenly overwhelms you with unbearable pain, you’re ready to pivot.

Hitting rock bottom increases your willingness to give up your beliefs and try on new ones. Rock bottom forces you to start taking actions that you had long been avoiding. You can pivot from there. You can bounce off the bottom.

Most people never reach the point where they are so uncomfortable that they change. That’s why they travel along in a straight line for so long. Sometimes their whole lives.

What about the people that you know that pivot and produce breakthrough results without ever hitting rock bottom? Some, but not many, find mediocrity too painful to endure and make the pivot without hitting bottom. But there is another way to pivot.

Are You (Finally) Inspired Enough?

You don’t have to hit rock bottom to find your pivot point and make changes. You can have a positive, enlightening experience inspire you to change.

You can discover that you have a vision of yourself that is far greater than any vision you have had until that very moment. You can experience that moment of clarity where you realize you are capable of so much more than you’d imagined.

Some people find inspiration and they just catch fire. They are rolling along with the pack, and then “Bam!” They break out of the pack and start producing outsized results in business and life.

Two Choices

You can make mediocrity more painful. You can look at the top 20% and decide that it’s too painful not to be where they are, not to have the success that they have, not to have the security of being a top producer. Make a list of what you are missing. In that pain you can find your pivot point.

Or you can find inspiration. You can choose a bigger vision of yourself, set way bigger goals for yourself, and take massive action around that vision and those goals. You can catch fire yourself. In that fire you can find your pivot point.

Find your pivot point. Achieve your breakthrough.


Are your results in business and life what you want them to be?

Have you settled into the warm, comfortable bath that is mediocrity?

Do you have enough pain to change your beliefs and your actions and find a pivot point, a point where your new actions produce greater and greater results?

Is your vision so inspiring that you catch fire and improve your results? Does it move you to move mountains?

What would need to change for you to find your pivot point?

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