Be Unreasonable

If the amount of value that you create is more than would reasonably be expected of you, then go ahead and be an unreasonably massive value creator.

If the measures you take to block out distractions and do the disciplined, focused, best-work-you-are-capable-of seem unreasonable to your friends, then be unreasonably focused and do unreasonably great work anyway.

If you care so deeply about what you do and the impact you can have on others that it seems unreasonable to anyone else, then let your big heart be unreasonably caring and make an unreasonably huge impact.

If your dream is unreasonably massive and frightens everyone around you—and sometimes even you—be unreasonably passionate and pursue your dream.

If your unreasonably hard work turns into unreasonably great results and unreasonably great rewards, be unreasonably grateful and unreasonably gracious.

Go ahead be the unreasonably best version of unreasonable you that anyone could ever imagine.

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