Happy Ears

The more desperate you are for a deal, the happier your ears become.

If you really, really need a deal, a client that isn’t dissatisfied can sound like they are ready to move—and with urgency.

If you need to win an opportunity to make your number, the unqualified prospect can seem uniquely qualified.

The more you need the deal, the more receptive your prospective client contacts appear. They sound like they are supremely interested in you and your offering.

Your ears get happy. They hear what you want to hear. Everything sounds positive, and your ears convince you that you are going to push this one over the line.

Selling requires a sense of optimism, but optimism doesn’t mean that you believe that you don’t have a problem. Optimism means that you believe that you are going to find a way through your problems.

Are you really hearing what you think you are hearing? Or do you really have happy ears?


How does desperation affect what you believe you are hearing and seeing from your prospective client?

Why do we sometimes believe that we see buying cycles that we aren’t really seeing?

How do you keep yourself honest about where you are with your prospective clients and dream clients?

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