What Would Your Client’s World Look Like Without You?

You are your own very unique value proposition. You are the wedge between your dream client buying from you and your company or buying from your competitor. If your not, you could be. You must be!

Imagine for a minute what your dream client’s world look like without you in it? Would it look approximately the same? Or would it look like some Hellish nightmare that your clients would dream of escaping?

Could They Easily Replace Your Results?

Could your clients very easily produce the same results if you weren’t around to help them? Would your disappearance go unnoticed as it pertains to their business results? If you answer these questions in the affirmative, you aren’t doing enough work to make a meaningful difference. You must do more and move up the levels of value creation.

To be indispensable, you have to produce the kind of results that your clients can’t imagine producing without you. Losing you should cost your clients some part of those results.

Could They Easily Replace Your Relationships?

If you were gone, would your clients be able to find someone else that they trusted as much to help them in the same way that you do? Would it be easy to find someone that cared as deeply about helping to move their business forward? Would there be other salespeople that are known and trusted from the top of the organization chart to the bottom that could step into your shoes?

Caring isn’t a commodity. Relationships aren’t a commodity either. Time and personal attention don’t scale, and deep relationships are difficult to replicate. Losing you should be felt across the organization.

Could They Replace Your Ideas?

Could your clients very easily replace the number and quality of breakthrough ideas that you bring to them? Could they with a few phone calls find someone with the same deep insight, the same situational knowledge, and the same willingness to act as part of their management team as you provide?

Your clients count on you to think about them and their business. They need you to proactively bring them new ideas that they can use. Lots of salespeople and sales organizations are terrific at reacting to their client’s needs. Very few are proactive. It’s difficult to find proactive partners and even more difficult to replace.

Everyone Is Replaceable, I Know.

I know everyone can be replaced. But your job is to make it impossibly difficult for you to be replaced. Your job is to create so much value in the areas of business results, relationships, and new ideas that your clients can’t imagine a world without you in it.

You may be replaceable. But how easy it is to replace you is totally up to you.


How would your client’s world change if you were gone?

Could your client’s easily replace you and the value that you create?

What do you do know that makes you indispensable?

What could you do that would make you impossibly difficult to replace?

What could you do that would make your clients fear losing you?

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