How Has This Blog Helped You?

I missed my anniversary. Yesterday marked my 1,000th post.

The first post here is dated January 24, 2009, but I started writing in earnest on December 28th of that same year. Since then, I have written a post every day, with the exception of 13 days I spent in Tibet (I thought it poor form to miss Tibet and Mt. Everest. I was correct).

I write because I am a writer. I can’t not write. I wake up in the morning excited to write, and I can’t wait to pour a massive cup of coffee and head to the keyboard. I love a blank, white screen with a blinking cursor.

I write about sales, sales management, and leadership. But that isn’t really what I am writing about. It’s not really my deeper message, and it’s not what I am driving at here.

I write here to empower others.

I capture the ideas, the tools, the techniques, and most importantly, the beliefs that it takes to succeed in sales—or anything else. A number of readers have caught onto this fact. They have emailed me and said: “Hey! You’re not really writing about sales, are you? What you are writing about could apply to almost anybody, regardless of what they do for a living.”

They’re on to me.

What I want my writing to do is to help people remove the shackles in which they have bound themselves and to which they alone hold the key. I want to empower people to take action and to make the improvements that will allow them to succeed wildly. That’s what is inside me. It’s what drives me.

This blog has brought me countless relationships with new friends and fellow travelers, none of whom I would have ever known without it. It has allowed me to communicate and share ideas with hundreds of thoughtful sales and business people from all over the world. It has brought me even more business opportunities than I believed it would (and that was a lot).

But that’s not why I write here. I write here for you.

What Have I Done for You Lately?

I’d like to check in with you and see how I am doing. I’d like to hear your thoughts and ideas.

If this blog has helped you somehow, how about leaving me a comment or drop me an email and share that with me? I’d like to hear from you. If there is something else you want to share, email me that too.

Thanks for being here! I appreciate it!


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