The Inner Circle Mastermind Group

For some time I have been toying with the idea of leading a mastermind group of business people, salespeople, sales managers, and entrepreneurs.

I thought about making this mastermind group a paid membership site with unlimited members. But I am a member of a number of sites like this, and even though I derive value from of the sites, I wanted a different set of outcomes. The outcomes I want don’t align with an open membership site.

I want something with more engagement. Something that will really help people to take their results to the next level. Something where more will be required, more will be given, and more will be received. I want something where people will play hard, raise their expectations of themselves, help to raise the expectations of others, hold each other accountable, and contribute to the growth of the members.

This necessarily requires a smaller group of people. I am going to build this group from the ground up. Here is what we are going to do  . . . for starters.

What is the Inner Circle Mastermind Group?

The Inner Circle is a high-level, personal and business growth mastermind group. And I am going to personally coach, train, and direct the members of this mastermind group to deliver dramatic results in their business lives. I am going to lead this group, but everyone is going to contribute.

There is going to be a membership fee, and I believe most of the people who are willing to participate in something like this can easily afford it. It is an investment in your personal and professional growth and development. That said, if you want to join the in-real-life meetings, it costs money to travel to cool places.

What is the Inner Circle Mastermind Group going to do?

The Inner Circle is going to meet every two weeks online or on the telephone. We are going to have exclusive webinars with content that you can immediately apply to your life and business. No one outside the group will be admitted to these webinars and meetings, and they won’t have access to the recordings.

I am going to share my best information, resources, connections, and material. I am going to share things that I haven’t shared with anyone and things that are part of upcoming books and projects.

We are also going to crowd-source reading projects. We are going to divide our reading efforts so we can learn more and improve faster. Everyone is going to contribute.

We are going to bring in guest speakers to share their expertise with our mastermind group.

We are going to build an online membership site to share ideas, to archive webinars and interviews, and to build a resource for members only. I have the site being built as I write this.

We are going to meet quarterly somewhere for face-to-face meetings, understanding that not everyone is always going to be able to make it to the meetings.

What we are looking for are people with a strong desire to improve, to share, and to contribute to the mastermind group. We are looking for people who are honest, trustworthy, and respectful. To join, you are going to have a sign a confidentiality agreement and agree to our code of ethics.

If this sounds like you, then apply here now (membership is going to be limited to 99 people, and maybe fewer). I look forward to seeing you on the other side!

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