How to Get Revenge on Haters

A few days ago I wrote a post about how to deal with haters and trolls. I wrote the post for my younger brother, and he found it very helpful for thinking about some issues he has in a new, and highly visible, job. But, I forgot the most important piece of advice for those who would wish for your failure.

If you really want to seek revenge on those who wish you would fail, that criticize you unfairly, or that disparage you and your efforts, the best thing you can do is to succeed.

Ignoring the haters is a good first step. But if you want to make them crazy, you succeed. You do your best work. You give it everything you’ve got. You show up early. You stay late. You dig in, and you make a difference.

The ultimate act of defiance isn’t to argue with trolls. It isn’t to try to win them over (although there is something to be said for killing them with kindness). It isn’t trying to convince them to leave you alone.

The sweetest revenge is success. That’s where you put your effort and energy.

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