An Interview with Lou Imbriano on Winning the Customer

This morning I had the opportunity to interview a friend of mine, Lou Imbriano, about his new book Winning the Customer: Turn Customers Into Fans and Get Them to Spend More. Lou runs his own sports marketing firm, Trinity One, and he was formally the Chief Marketing Officer for the New England Patriots.

I met Lou at SOBcon last year, and I had a chance to spend some time getting to know Lou, including a late night trip to Geno’s for a pizza. I love his book for a couple reasons. First, I like how Lou builds a structure than can be implemented and executed against. Second, Lou is a storyteller–and he has lots of stories that will benefit sales and marketing folks (as well as football fans).

In this interview, I ask Lou about three subjects that he covers in the book and that I feel are useful to salespeople.The first subject is customer segmentation and deriving the real value from a neglected segment. The second subject is around relationship architecture (this chapter alone is worth the price of the book and should be a book unto itself). This segment of Lou’s book is the foundation for your nurture toolkit. The third subject is, oddly enough, cold calling. Imagine a marketing guy that addresses cold calling. How about that?

I believe that salespeople and sales organizations will benefit from Lou’s book. It’s one of those books that provides you with actionable ideas you can use immediately after reading the book. Check it out.

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