My Nomination for the Top Sales & Marketing Awards 2011

Mr. Farrington is at it once again. Last year, Jonathan put on a spectacular show with his 2010 Top Sales Awards. This year Jonathon and his team are expanding their award show and ceremony to include marketing, making it Top Sales & Marketing Awards.

Last year, I was honored to be nominated for Top Sales Blog, and I was thrilled to have won the gold medal in a field chock full of great sales blogs, many of which are written by people I am lucky enough to call friends.

This year, I am doubly honored that I have been nominated for both the Top Sales & Marketing Blog and the Top Sales & Marketing Blog Post.

This contest, as it were, is interesting. I know most of the people in both the categories. To my knowledge, there is no competition. We all share ideas. We all share each other’s posts. We refer work to each other. We all help each other in any way that we can. I love this little community that we have carved out of the Internet.

When it comes to the Top Sales Blog, you could do a lot worse to be in the same category as Ardath AlbeeDave Brock (my good friend and mentor), Ian Brodie (who I need to know better), Mark Hunter (a good friend with a new, important book coming out that is sure to be nominated in 2012), Steve Martin (whose advice is the reason I get up and write so early in the morning), Paul McCord (a super bright and true gentleman), Dave Kurlan (the only person on the list that I don’t know, shamefully), Lori Richardson (a new friend), Tibor Shanto (a dyed-in-the-wool fundamentals guy and friend), Dave Stein (who I need to know better), and Dan Waldschmidt (irreverent and kind-hearted, a good friend).

As for the Top Sales & Marketing Blog Post, I am in with another bunch of great people, including Joanne Black, Cara Celli, Robyn Davis, Mark Hunter (again!), Dave Kurlan (again!), Christian Maurer, Paul McCord (again!), Tibor Shanto (again!), Mike Schultz, Ken Thorenson, and Dan Waldschmidt (again!)

Would I like to win both categories? You bet I would! (I am competitive, after all).

And, make no mistake, I am asking for your vote.

But I wouldn’t be disappointed to see any of these super smart people win the gold, silver, or bronze awards. They’re all good people. They all provide great content. They’re all top of their game in their space (between you and me, let’s just make sure that they get the silver and the bronze).

Take a look at all the categories. Register to vote. And then vote for your choice in each category every day between now and December 9th.

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