Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

Because you can forego the prospecting today, postponing it until some future date, doesn’t mean that you should skip the prospecting today. You should prospect now, knowing that there will always be sexy distractions to test your mettle.

Because you can sit down and make your calls without having written a thoughtful, effective script doesn’t mean that you should continue doing what you have always done. You should spend time reflecting on what is working, what isn’t, and spend time making the necessary adjustments.

Because you can make your sales call without any sales call preparation doesn’t mean that you should. You should prepare like a professional and like you intend to win the business.

Because you can drive home from your last appointment and skip coming back to the office to do your data entry work doesn’t mean that you should pack it in early. You should go back and do your paperwork and prep work for tomorrow, knowing that the hour you take off today will cost you an hour of catch up tomorrow.

Because you can wait for your company to provide their annual training to work on new skills doesn’t mean that should relinquish responsibility for your effectiveness to your employer. You should turn the of the television and pick up a book on sales, marketing, or business and build your business acumen so that you can create greater value for your clients.

Because you can present will without having all of the relationships in place before your dog and pony show doesn’t mean that you should. You should do the plow horse work to ensure that your show is made up of your dream client’s vision—and that this isn’t the first time you have met the buying committee.

Because you can get away with selling your dream client more than they need and collect the additional commission doesn’t mean that you should sell them more than what creates value for them. You should sell your dream client exactly what they need, knowing that the relationship is worth more than any one sale.

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it.


What should you be doing that you aren’t?

What is the price that you will eventually pay for having not done what needs to be done?

What are the temptations you should remove from your life and replace with iron disciplines?

How much better would your results be if you didn’t do what you could do and instead did what must be done?

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