How To Be a Superhero in Sales

It sounds silly, doesn’t it? How can you be a superhero? You are already made up of the same stuff as superheroes—or you could be.

Possess Super Powers

Superheroes have super powers. They are able to do some things much better than mere mortals. To those without the same powers, it looks like magic. What they do defies explanation.

You have super powers, too.

Your super power might be an iron will and a discipline that allows you to focus all of your effort on the single task of prospecting where others would be easily distracted. This focus can make it look like you have the ability to transport yourself to some far away place at a moments notice.

Your super power may be an innate and inborn ability to connect deeply with other people. It could be your ability to feel what they feel and to make them know that you can feel it. To others it might look like a sixth sense.

It might be your uncanny and remarkable ability to ask questions that create value for your dream client and influence them in your direction. To others, it might look like you can read minds.

Of course, your super power could be a giant cranium full of business acumen and situational knowledge that serves as a sort of x-ray vision and allows you to see deep into your dream client’s problems and challenges to find the answer.

Not every super hero has the same superpower as other superheroes. But they know how to use their superpower to their advantage when and where they need to.

Possess Sworn, Super Villain Enemies

Superman has Lex Luther. Spiderman has the Green Goblin. Batman has the Joker. You can’t be a legendary superhero without a legendary super villain.

You have a sworn enemy, too. But your enemy is not your fiercest competitor. Your mortal enemy is the problems that plague your dream clients. When I ask people what they stand for, they often look stumped by the question. When I ask them what they oppose with every fiber of their being, they know immediately.

You’re opposed to low throughput numbers. Or maybe you are opposed to wasted material that increases costs and ruins your dream client’s profitability. Maybe you help your clients fight lower profit numbers or high turnover. Maybe you are a social entrepreneur and you stand opposed to hunger or the lack of the ability to read.

You know your enemy.

As a superhero, you study and track your enemy. You learn everything about him so that you can gain the upper hand in the contests to come. Then, you go looking for trouble. When your client is in danger, you find the enemy and you swoop in to do battle, rescuing your client from a certain, impending doom.

What is you super villain enemy?

Overcome the Impossible by Using Your Brains

Superheroes always seem to bite off more than they can chew. They get themselves into all kinds of predicaments from which there is seemingly no escape and where their superpowers no longer serve them. To survive, they have to overcome the impossible.

Superheroes never run out of trouble. And they never run out of the resourcefulness and creative problem solving that allows them to overcome whatever they encounter. But it is never easy, and there are lots of cliffhangers where the outcome is unknown, where success teeters on the edge of a knife.

You were born with the ability to be creative and resourceful. You were born with a three-pound power plant of problem solving. To be an effective superhero, you have to use it find your way out of trouble and to save your dream clients. You have to rely on these abilities when your superpowers aren’t the answer.

Deep down, you really are a superhero—or you should be.


What are your sales superpowers? What do you do so well that is looks like magic to others? Do you have more than one?

What is your sworn enemy? Who is the super villain in your story? With who are you locked in a never-ending battle?

How do you leverage you creativity and your resourcefulness to overcome seemingly impossible odds?

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