The Law of Repulsion

There is this idea called the law of attraction. It says that what you put out into the universe, the universe brings back to you. The proponents of this idea talk about the idea in positive terms, like if you really want more money and focus on it, the universe brings you money. I like the idea, but I’d hedge my bet and back it up with a whole bunch of action that would produce the outcomes I wanted, were it me.

I have no idea whether the law of attraction really works, but I know the law of repulsion works with a flawless and predictable certainty. What you put out can very easily repel your dream clients.

Selfish, Self-Centered, and Self-Oriented

There is no easier or more certain way to repel your dream client than to be selfish, self-centered, or self-focused. If your actions or your words indicate to your dream client that you care more about you and what you stand to gain than what you can do to help them obtain the outcomes they need, they will find you repulsive.

It’s sad that I have to write this, but recently I heard a young, entrepreneurial salesperson say out loud that he doesn’t care about people and that he “just wants people to buy my shit.” Then I heard another salesperson share with his dream client what he stood to gain in the way of commission on a deal. Really, really, really poor form! And an amazing display of a lack of client focus.

For those of you in The Sales Blog Book Club, the idea that you divide all your trust-building, trust-gaining attributes by your self-orientation, these actions would have to result in a trust score that is negative, no? So says Charlie Green in Trust-based Selling.

If you would attract your dream client, you do so by focusing on them, on their needs, and by nurturing those relationships.

Value Subtraction

Business is more demanding than ever. No one really has the time to waste with a salesperson that isn’t there to create value. If you are seen as a time waster, if you spend time trying to gain rapport with tactics instead of by focusing on your dream client and their business, or if you don’t possess the business acumen to help, you will repel your dream clients.

Attracting your dream client means focusing on helping them to create a better result. The more you are able to help them with the ideas, the goods, the services, the solutions, and a compelling vision and plan for the future, the more attractive you are. The less you provide in the way of being valuable to your dream client, the more you force them away–and into the arms of another!

The Case for the Law of Attraction

Surely there is a case to be made for the law of attraction. If you believe deeply and act on that belief, you will attract your dream clients. If you become the salesperson–and businessperson–that your dream client needs you to be, you will be more and more attractive.

If you work on developing all of the attributes that success requires, as well as the skills that sales requires, you make it easier and more likely that your dream client will find you irresistible.

Just let’s not forgot about all the action this requires.


What are the beliefs, behaviors, and actions that salespeople sometimes take that repel their dream clients?

What are the beliefs, behaviors, and actions that attract your dream clients to you as a salesperson?

Who do you have to be to attract your dream clients?

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