There Is No Making Up For Lost Time

You had activity quotas to make this week, but you missed them. Instead of making the calls, you decided to reorganize your desk drawers and file your email. No worries though, you’ll make it up next week, right?

Wrong. You might be able to make up last week’s activity, but you most likely won’t. This isn’t about this week’s activity.

It’s Bigger Than This

One week of missed activity turns into two weeks of missed activity. Two weeks turns into three weeks. You have less and less time every day, and the end of your quarter is looming closer and closer, whether you are taking action or not.

This isn’t about a single week’s activity. It’s about something bigger. It’s about a lack of self-discipline. It’s about uninspiring, passionless goals. It’s about settling for mediocrity—even though you can know you can do better.

It isn’t about this week.

Lost Time

When next week arrives, will you be anymore disciplined about taking the activity that you need to take to meet your activity goals and reach your quota?

When next week arrives, will you have the inspiring goals that will drive you take action, or will you simply drift?

When next week arrives, will you want more for yourself, or will you settle for mediocrity?

When next week arrives, there will be new urgent tasks that will require your attention. There will be clients that need your time and your attention. There will also be plenty of distractions. You’ll have no greater control over your time than you have right now.

You can’t outrun time, and you can’t make up for it once it is lost. Invest it well.


How do you rationalize time wasted?

What are the real, deep, uncomfortable issues that really prevent you from taking action towards reaching your goals?

What will you do next week?

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