I Have You Surrounded—With a Little Help from My Friends

I am a relationships guy. Having friends is a wonderful thing, and today, with their help, I have you surrounded.

Todd Schnick and Intrepid Radio

This morning, Todd Schnick, my friend from Atlanta and host of Intrepid Radio, was kind enough to interview me for his killer podcast.

Todd is a wicked-smart marketing guy who cut his teeth in the roughest of environments—American politics. You think good marketing matters? Message is the game in politics.

I met Todd through my friend, Todd Youngblood, who at the same time introduced me to Stone Payton. These guys are the on the bloodiest end of the bleeding edge with what they are doing. Check them out.

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Sarah J. Storer

Sarah is a good friend. We met at Toastmasters, and I immediately fell in love with her candid, irreverent, and self-deprecating sense of humor. She either belongs on the cast of Saturday Night Live, or she needs a one-hour comedy special on HBO or Comedy Central. Sarah is a super-confident public speaker, and you should seek her out and listen to her when you can.

Sarah was nice enough to point to this blog in today’s post where she offers advice to those who blog. Apparently, I am the poster boy of consistency when it comes to writing. She also included a link to a guest post I wrote for her The Naked Redhead blog on Why You Must Kill Your Inner Critic if you are going to write or speak consistently and from the heart (Todd asked me about this in his interview, too).

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Ivan Hernandez

Ivan Hernandez is longtime friend of this blog. He is also a former flying trapeze artist (no lie!), a business consultant, a social media marketing strategist, and he lectures at a University in Poland. We chatted a little while back over Skype, and Ivan is truly a gentleman.

Today Ivan included The Sales Blog in his list of 10 Remarkable Blogs You Should Read. It’s a good list, and I am humbled an honored to have been included.

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Thank you, my friends!

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