Eight Things to Quit To Improve Your Sales Results Now

To succeed in sales, you can’t quit. You can never give up. You have to fire every weapon and you have to play all four quarters. But there are lots of things you can quit to produce better sales results.

Poor Beliefs: Quit the poor beliefs that no longer serve you. Quitting poor beliefs allows you to try on the beliefs that will allow you to practice the behaviors and take the actions that produce better sales results.

Violating the Iron Laws of Sales: Quit violating the iron laws of sales, believing that closing comes before opening, that prescribing comes before diagnosing, and that there will be time for prospecting later. Start following the iron laws and doing the difficult work that make selling easier.

Calling On the Disqualified: Stop calling on the prospects and nightmare clients who should have long ago been disqualified. Your pipeline may not look as nice without these opportunities, but they steal from you the time you need to pursue your dream clients.

Stop Wasting Time: Your greatest constraint is time, and you have to protect it. This means developing the discipline to develop the focus that allows you to produce better sales results faster.

Quit Avoiding Problems: Stop avoiding the problems that are preventing your clients and dream clients from achieving the outcomes that they need—especially if you sold them the outcomes. Your success depends on your ability to help your clients and dream clients succeed.

Believing That You Know Enough: Quit believing that you know enough to win your dream client’s business. Quit believing you have done all the personal and professional developing that you need to do to be your best. Instead, ask the questions and develop the edge.

Buying the Hype: Stop buying the hype that selling is changing so rapidly and irrevocably that nothing that that worked in the past is worth retaining. Know that changes only reinforce how important the underlying deep fundamentals are to selling effectively.

Making Excuses: Drop the excuses and the rationalizations that you believe let you off the hook for poor results. Know that you are responsible for producing your results and that no external factors have as much over your results as you do.

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